On A Roll – Factory Tours and Seminars

Heading into mid-January, week commencing 15/01/24, and we are on a roll with students deepening their knowledge on our Factory Uncovered seminar and tour.

FEL Director Caroline Ash, has been leading the onsite, informative sessions, she said:

“We are on a roll! I had lovely group in from Bath Spa University studying Fashion Marketing but came to us with a particular interest in sustainability/ethics.

“They were very engaged, asking numerous pertinent questions, they were interested in the subject and were a real pleasure to teach.

“Then came a returning client, London College of Fashion bringing another group studying BSc Fashion Management & MSc Strategic Fashion Management. They were mainly first year students with a smattering of second year. 

“The priority for this group was to understand the entire process from design, fitting and all the way through the production processes. We did this both in the seminar and on the factory tour, where we highlighted the new technology that improves the speed and sustainability of this process. Again great feedback and a very enjoyable seminar.”

Here’s what the students had to say…

Bath Spa University:

“Caroline was so informative and attentive and was so interesting and engaging. Thank-you for your time.”

“This was a very interesting seminar and I learnt a lot about the manufacturing process. Thank-you very much for your time. :)”

“I learnt how quickly technology is advancing, for instance AI, in terms of garment making. Engaging and informative.”

“Really helpful to actually see garments being made when trying to get into the industry.”

“So interesting to see behind the scenes of the production / manufacturing in the factory! Love your outfit – you are so cool! Thanks.”

“So good to see this side of the sustainability chain. So many shocking facts – very eye-opening. AI was most interesting and I cannot wait to explore this more in the future. Thank-you!”

“Caroline was very informative and approachable, helping us gain insight and ask questions regarding the industry.” 

“Great speaker! Learnt a lot. Very welcoming and was made to feel comfortable.”

London College of Fashion:

“I have learnt forms of designing, printing, pattern cutting, stitching and how AI is playing a part in production. It was great, thank-you.”

“I gained an in-depth understanding about each work step of garment processing.”

“I learnt all about the different processes when making clothes. E.g. stitching, scanning, cutting, designing from AI, pressing etc.”

“I found out about the processes involved during designing and manufacturing, it was insightful.”