Non-Fashion Students Get Real Production Industry Insight

A group of 19 students studying a range of subjects from business to computer science at Coventry University joined the FTA team for a ‘Factory Uncovered’ tour and seminar.

The group, made up of entirely non-fashion students, were interested to understand how the factory and the garment production process worked on a business level.

Production Director Caroline spent 4-hours with the group discussing in-depth the different stages of the production process, the garment life cycle, costings, the critical path and the importance of the relationships between manufacturers and the buyers.

Caroline then took the students on a guided tour of the Factory where they had the chance to see the different stages of production in action.

Here’s what some of the students had to say at the end of the tour:

“I have learnt a lot about the fashion industry and got a first-hand look at how garments are made from the start, as well as learning about the ethics of the industry. Thank you very much, it was very interesting.” – Meryem

“This was a great presentation, especially clear and concise for non-fashion students.” – Jennifer

“I have learned about the whole process from designing through to production and selling. This session was very helpful to understand how the fast fashion industry works.” – Susana

“Well articulated information, which made learning about the fashion industry easier for non-fashion students.” – Edward

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