Newtown College Powys: FEL Shares Expertise

Fashion-Enter Ltd’s CEO, Jenny Holloway, visited Newtown College in Wales, 24th & 25th June, to share her expertise with students and small business owners.

Jenny conducted workshops alongside; Big Ideas Wales and Antur Cymru, to encourage and inspire Newtown College students on their next steps and how to become small business ready. Focusing on entrepreneurship, business planning, idea development, and production processes, she also shared the success story of Fashion-Enter Ltd, highlighting its growth from a small trading company to a major garment producer for renowned brands like Very Group and N Brown.

Jenny said: “The first day was all about reviewing being an entrepreneur such as: 

  • Have I got the right, outlook and personality to be an entrepreneur? 
  • Is there a work / life balance? 
  • Have I identified a gap in the market? 
  • Reviewing a 10 point business plan. 
  • Reviewing how to take an idea into production.

“The interaction with the second-year students was amazing! I presented a case study about Fashion-Enter Ltd, and how this company started from zero finance trading. From humble beginnings trading from a donated shop in Croydon Centrale shopping centre to a company producing garments and providing education from Levels 1 to 5.”

The event was well-received by second-year students and general public interested in starting or expanding their businesses. Jenny added: “The second day was a very engaging session. The companies that attended were diverse, not all fashion, but it was a very proactive and the 2-hours ran on to nearly 3, and afterwards discussions continued into lunch!

The event marked the beginning of a promising partnership between Fashion-Enter Ltd and Newtown College, NPTC Group of Colleges in Powys.