New Level 1 Stitching Students Enrol at the Newtown Campus

Fashion-Enter Ltd Wales welcomes five new students on their Level 1 Stitching course. Jay, Hannah, Magali, Svitlana and Kelly have just started the five-week accredited course in Newtown.

Former Laura Ashley employee Judith Jones will pass on her expertise and experience and the group will learn the fundamentals of using a variety of industrial sewing machines: how to set them up and use them safely, maintain the machines and identify the correct settings for the fabric. They will then practice a variety of sewing techniques to produce a range of stitch samples, measuring, cutting and constructing a basic pattern, and learn to identify what is good and poor quality.

Successful completion of the course can open several options including; progression on to Stitching Level 2, Perfect Patterns Level 1, employment or an apprenticeship.

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