National and International Students Experience the Factory Floor

We’ve had another busy week (commencing 13th March 2023) at the Factory with national and international students gaining firsthand insight on our Factory Uncovered tours and seminars.

Led by Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash, the week began with London College of Fashion, Buying and Merchandising students. They were very interested to see how a real supplier actually works and understand how the current economic influences are affecting the business.

This was followed by a huge group from the Dubai American Academy who were studying Business and Sustainability. Caroline said: “This session went really well, the group were great, they asked loads of questions and were really engaged. It was very interesting to hear their perspective on sustainability.”

We then had MBA students from London College of Fashion in on Thursday. They already had a huge amount on knowledge, but loved to hear a suppliers perspective on all topics. The group had a keen interest in future technology and were very impressed with the Kornit digital fabric printing system.

The week rounded-off with students from Fordham University, again from the USA, who were studying Sustainability and Management. We had lots of questions from a very knowledgable group of students. They were particularly keen to hear how the fashion industry was tackling sustainability. 

Feedback included:

“Very informative, great speaker, extremely interesting tech and innovation.”

“I loved seeing everything in use including the factory and printing. Great presentation and visit. Thank-you”

“I learnt a huge amount on fashion operations – printing and cutting in the factories. Amazing experience.”

“It was lovely to see how this specific factory and the Kornit printers work.”

“The tour was very informative and detailed, which is why I enjoyed it so much.”

“The presentation was very informative as well as interactive and the tour of the factory was very exciting.”

“I learnt how little workers get paid in different countries and the different stitches used for specific clothing items. Also how a lot of companies greenwash.”

“I enjoyed the depth of information given during the presentation.”

“I learnt that EPR will be arriving in the UK soon and as a result, companies will become more sustainable.”

“Would love a QR code that gives us access to the presentation so we can have it later as a study resource but also to follow along during the session. Overall, an amazing experience. Thank-you.”

“I have learnt about the economies of scale in the fashion industry, costs and NPO’s run in the country. I have also learnt about EPR tax and greenwashing.”

“I was interested in how to develop sustainability in the fashion / clothing industry and today I learnt and saw what I need.”

“Found out how a fashion company can be sustainable. Loved the tour of the factory.”

“I really enjoyed this talk and learnt a lot! Thank-you.”