N17 Creative Callings: Legal Eagle

Lawyer Nick Gould and three co-partners at Aria Grace, the genuinely ethical law firm, provided a 2-hour N17 Creative Callings seminar titled ‘Legal Eagle’ on Thursday 4th June 2020.

The N17 Creative Callings programme targets creatives working and living within the London postcode area of N17, the two-year programme is supported by the Mayor of London and the European Social Fund. To find out more click here.

Nick Gould is a highly experienced lawyer with a very strong ethical approach: he was a Partner at several City firms, most recently at Gunnercooke; he also spent a considerable amount of his time providing pro bono services to British business owners as chair of the SME Alliance. He has provided practical seminars and advice for start-ups and small businesses in the fashion sector for the last eight years and that includes clients at Fashion-Enter Ltd. Nick was joined by co-partners; Karin, Gemma and Melissa.

Key topics included: law of contract – how to stop disputes occurring, understanding IP infringement – what to do if someone “copies” your work, the difference between trade marks, copyright and passing off as well as employment contracts – responsibilities of ownership.

The full agenda covered:

  • Introduction and Welcome to Aria-Grace Law #ethical world
  • The N17 Creative Callings programme
  • Meet and greet Nick Gould & Senior Partner at Aria-Grace
  • Company formations for a UK Business
  • Contract Law and Paper trails
  • What is IP and IP Protection
  • Illustration of Employment Issues
  • Digital age – websites, terms and conditions
  • Business in the age of COVID-19
  • Q & A – Time is limited so please send in your questions before the Zoom
  • Summary and close

CEO of Fashion-Enter Jenny Holloway commented: “It was with absolute delight that we had a four man team of legal eagles on our N17 Creative Callings programme today answering diverse questions from IP, copyright and trade marks to employment law and Covid-19 implications plus the basic laws of contract. Notes were provided from each partner too as there was so much quality information to absorb in just two hours. The feedback has been amazing.”

The N17Creative Callings programme has been phenomenally successful during this lockdown period helping many start-up and scale-up brands to prepare themselves for a challenging business environment ahead.

Join us for our next N17 Creative Callings seminar ‘Start Your Fashion Brand Today! We have received a lot of requests to undertake a deep dive into the paperwork that is required when sampling and for short run production. This seminar that will allow you to download for free paperwork that will help you become organised and track your orders to try to achieve right ‘first time’ methodology.  The documents include a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement; Fit log, Tech pack front cover. Each document will be in Word to allow you to amend logos to insert your company information. One-to-one sessions will also be available. Start Your Fashion Brand Today will take place on Thursday 11th June 9-11am via Zoom.