N17 Creative Callings Business Support Website Up & Live

At the end of last year, 2019, the Fashion Technology Academy’s parent company – Fashion-Enter Ltd was thrilled to announce its involvement with a new business support initiative: ‘N17 Creative Callings’.

The project, which is funded by the Greater London Authority and the European Social Fund, and supported by Haringey Council, will work with Londoners and small businesses within the Tottenham Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) to boost Haringey’s Creative Industries. Fashion-Enter has partnered with Collage Arts which is a leading arts development, training and creative regeneration charity based in the heart of Haringey’s Cultural Quarter.

To ensure that all the information, services and events for the initiative is clear and easy to source Fashion-Enter has set the project up with its own website: http://n17creativecallings.com/

Between us and other partners, the plan is to put Tottenham’s creative businesses well and truly on the map.

Coming soon…

Due to the current Covid-19 situation and restrictions on group gatherings N17 Creative Callings seminars will be available online:



Failure to Succeed (Webinar) The Art of Bouncing Back (Employer engagement session)



TV Production (Webinar) with James Dean (Employer engagement event to be published)




Meet the Buyer – How to Present and Negotiate Effectively

(Online seminar) Learn how to be organised, prepared, undertake direct and indirect comparative and directional shops, know your market and stand proud to present.

Further details to be sent to those that sign up.

More events and sessions will be announced in due course.