Multiple Groups Gain Fashion Business Insight on our Popular Factory Tour

It has been an incredibly busy week (week commencing 13th November) at Fashion-Enter Ltd HQ with visitors attending our popular on-site seminar and tours.

Led by FEL Director, Caroline Ash, the site received five large groups from the Fashion Retail Academy in London, all the students from these groups were studying Fashion Business and Retail. The seminar was aligned to their current project, so as well as the normal presentation Caroline honed in on all angles of sustainability, ethics, greenwashing and technology including; Kornit Printing/Make on Demand and Style3D. 

The feedback from the Fashion Retail Academy groups was amazing and many said it was extremely helpful for their projects.

We then had students from Abbeygate College who were visiting us for the first time, they were great students and really enjoyed the entire presentation. They will be booking extended time for next year as they found it so relevant for their business course students!

This was followed by Fashion Retail Academy – Fast Track Buying and Merchandising students. We had a fantastic interactive afternoon the students were engaged and enthusiastic and had loads of questions. 

They were again, working on a project so everything we talked about was relevant to their studies.

Finally, we had students from a University all the way from Escolar Concept, Sao Paulo, Brazil come in, the students were studying various subjects. They all really enjoyed it, and were excited to see how technology has evolved in the manufacturing process, it was a lovely way to finish the week off. 

Feedback included…

Fashion Retail Academy:

“I learnt how new technology can create a more sustainable future. I found this experience very informative and insightful.”

“I gained a lot of useful info, speaker is a good communicator.”

“I learnt how many processes there are in making clothing in factories. Really enjoyed the tour.”

“I found out about the process of making sustainable garments, this will help me with y project. Speaker made everything clear, very thankful for today!”

“I learnt about the innovations of digital technology and how it has sped up the process of garment production and made it more efficient. Excellent, friendly speaker. Well prepared and presented. Great tour.”

“I have learned about the whole garment making process including digital printing and 3D designing.”

“Really enjoyed today and learnt lots for my project – thank-you!”

“I have learnt about costing, how technology is improving speed to market, how to reduce waste in the design and production stages. I valued how ethical and sustainable this factory is. Very informative talk thank-you!”

Escolar Concept students:

“I’ve learned more about sustainable fashion and how everything works. The fabric printing and AI machines were very innovative.”

“I really liked it, very fun, and happy to have this experience.”

“I found out more about how fashion is made. Really good. Great experience, lots of knowledge involved!”

“Very good explanations, fun tour! Very kind speaker, she explained everything in detail and was very welcoming. Great tour overall.”

“I learned about sustainable fashion and how AIA impacts fashion. I loved the speaker.”