Moderator Report For The Level 1 Certificate In Fashion & Textiles

Following a successful qualification approval process for the Level 1 Certificate in Fashion and Textiles 500/4330/4 via ABC Awards, the Fashion Technology Academy was subject to external moderation in order to be eligible for direct claim status on certification. The External Verifier requested a sampling from the learners’ portfolio’s to make sure the learners were assessed as per awarding body standards.

The feedback report from the moderator was very positive, it highlighted that:

  • The education team were quick to respond with requested work examples
  • The IQA plan is clear to read with a real focus on the learner, not only in terms of work but distance travelled and enjoyment of the overall course
  • Good standard of work completed by the learners and workbooks completed accurately
  • Good variety of tasks for the learners to complete and demonstrate their learning and competencies
  • All learners able to demonstrate excellent machining skills across a good range of products using a comprehensive range of kit
  • Industry experienced and well qualified staff

Esme, Operations Manager for Education and Learning at the FTA said:

“As Operations Manager I see first hand how hard the team all works as one to deliver the highest possible standards and we motivate the learner to excellence.”

CEO Jenny Holloway added: “It’s only about the team in teaching. We want every single learner to excel in technical skills.”