Meet The FTA’s Apprentice Of The Year

And the 2019 Fashion Enter/FTA Apprentice of the Year is…

Kostandin (Kosta) Cyfeku.

The FTA welcomed Apprenticeship Ambassador Lord Young of Norwood Green to present our ‘Apprentice of the Year’ cup to Kosta! Well-done Kosta for all your hard work!

Kosta said: I think Fashion Enter is a very good place to go if you want to learn how to sew, make patterns and learn other fashion skills. There are a variety of courses if you want to start a business in fashion. I came here for the Stitching course Level 1 in September 2018, continued to Level 2 and finished in January 2019. Now I am doing Level 1 Patterns and hoping to go onto Level 2. The teachers are really nice and helpful. You can ask them anything to do with fashion and they will help you. I recommend the FTA if you love fashion and want to be in the fashion industry – this is the place to be.”

Jo Price, Senior Lecturer at the FTA added:
“I am so pleased that Kosta was awarded ‘Apprentice of the Year.’ Kosta has been a fantastic student from the start, he is always on time, and in class he focuses on his work and is rarely distracted. Kosta is very inquisitive and wants to know the reason why something is done a certain way and he has a willingness to learn. Kosta works well in a team and is reliable, before and after lessons Kosta is on the factory floor doing his job and that shows commitment.”

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