Meet The FTA Learner: Marcia Bennett

This week we meet Marcia Bennett - a Perfect Patterns Level 2 student to find out all about her fashion journey thus far, her future career plans and more...

Q: What course are you currently enrolled on?
M: Pattern Cutting Level 2.

Q Tell us about the course, how long is it and the key topics it covers...
M: This course teaches you how to draft blocks and patterns for a bodice, skirt, trouser, and dress blocks. You are taught how to take measurements for another person, how to move around the darts from one position to another creating different styles such as gathers and tucks, and how to add pleats, flare, pockets...the correct information needed on your patterns that is required to make up the garment.

Q What were you doing before you started the course?
M: I was a receptionist working in a nursing home.

Q Have you had to face any difficulties so far?
M: No, I haven’t.

Q And have you had any break-through, positive moments?
M: Yes, I have designed my own skirt and shorts and my patterns were perfect, I received good feedback from my teachers. I had some knowledge of pattern cutting from doing previous courses in the past.

Q What’s your plan once you have completed the course?
M: I would like to do an apprenticeship to gain more experience of working in a fashion company as a pattern cutter and hopefully start my own business making dresses.

Q Best piece of advice you have been given so far?
M: That I am good at understanding the concept of pattern cutting and how to draft a pattern from start to finish.

Q Would you recommend the FTA to others wanting to work in fashion?
M: Yes, I would as the staff that work there are really accommodating to your needs, as long as you do the work you will get your certificate at the end of this course. I have never missed a day since starting, my 2 teachers are very knowledgeable in all areas covered. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I am sure that my classmates did too; I do wish it was longer as I feel there is so much more to learn.

Q Is there anyone in the fashion industry that you aspire to?
M: I do not have a particular individual within the fashion industry. I love well designed and beautiful clothes, but if I had to choose it would be Valentino and Max Mara and I love the clothes that were made in the 50s.

Q Away from learning you like to…
M: Read, watch motivational videos and go for walks in the park.