Meet The FTA Learner: Frederike Mohn

This week we meet Frederike Mohn – a Perfect Patterns Level 2 and Introduction to Tailoring Level 3 student to find out all about her fashion journey thus far, her future career plans and more…

Q What course are you currently enrolled on?

F: Level 2 Perfect Patterns and Level 3 Award Introduction to Tailoring Unit: Construction techniques: handcraft tailored jackets [K/501/8043] at the FTA.

Q Tell us about the course, how long is it and the key topics it covers…

F: The first course is ten-weeks long, the second five. Perfect Patterns teaches me the fundamentals of pattern making in more depth (than Level 1). We use the Telestia tool, which helps to easily draft blocks. In addition we learn to adapt these patterns to achieve different designs. The second course hasn’t really started. We’re still doing trousers there. It’s great (and a bit confusing) though because we use a different block drafting method there.

Q What were you doing before you started the course?

F: I stayed in India for 9-months and did an internship with a designer, learned Hindi, and also found time to start doing yoga. Before that I studied Development Economics.

Q Have you had to face any difficulties so far?

F: Pattern Cutting is basically geometry, which is that part of mathematics I used to love when I was in school. The difficulties arise when it comes to tracing out the same pattern piece three times. For an industrial pattern that’s necessary for example, but that’s quite boring.

Q And have you had any break-through, positive moments?

F: It feels empowering to be able to draft your own patterns in any size you want so easily (the Telestia method really does make it easy). Overcoming obstacles, and bending my head around the 29-step trouser drafting method also felt good.

Q What’s your plan once you have completed the course?

F: In the long-term I want to start a conscious clothing brand. In the short-term I hope to either continue by studying a fashion related degree, in order to dedicate time develop my own style direction in design. Or to work as a pattern cutter for a while.

Q Best piece of advice you have been given so far?

F: To create individual designs it is important to only be inspired by certain style features, not whole designs as the latter makes fashion look more and more homogenous.

Q Would you recommend the FTA to others wanting to work in fashion?

F: Yes, certainly!

Q Is there anyone in the fashion industry that you aspire to?

F: Hmmm.. I guess I always stick a bit stubbornly to myself in that way. I thought that too much inspiration or influence will lead me away from my own path. This kind of relates to the advice bit to some extent and when in London it is kind of visible where trends shift. I think it is very important as a designer, to find your own real thread of designing.

Q Away from learning you like to…

F: I only make patterns. No, kidding. I love cooking, spending time in nature, I enjoy hiking. I also paint and I’ve kept up yoga.

Thank-you Frederike.