Meet Stitching Academy Learner: Hawi Burka

Q Do you feel confident using the sewing machines?

H: Yes, I use all the machines, I can do overlock stitching, binding and cover stitching etc.


Q What do you think about the tutor?

H: I don’t think you can find a sewing course elsewhere that’s better. The tutor pays a lot of attention to your progress. Because everyone is at different levels, she has a lot of patience with the students to make sure everyone’s on track. She explains things very clearly and is able to notice your strengths and weaknesses.


Q Is there anything else you think we can improve?

H: I think less theoretical work would be great. I personally don’t like writing. I’d prefer spending 100% of my time in practicing sewing than doing wordy assignments. After all, we are stitchers, we don’t come here to write!


Q What are you going to do after the course?

H: I am applying for an apprenticeship here. I have also applied to be a machinist in the factory.


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