Meet Our 6 Harrods Apprentices

Yesterday, 27th September 2018, saw our six Harrods apprentices walk through the door of the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) to begin their practical and theory tuition.

As part of their on-site apprenticeship in the alterations department of Harrods they will attend the FTA once a week and spend half the day with Senior Lecturer, Jo doing the theory work followed by the afternoon with either Layla or Julia on their practical units.

The apprentices had a previous assessment with their line managers to ascertain the best pathway suited to their abilities. Out of the six apprentices five are completing Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles and one at Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Apparel. All of the Harrods apprentices are required to work with luxury brands and high quality and expensive fabrics so keen practical skills and attention to detail is imperative.

Emanuela is doing the Patterns Pathway Level 3, she is from Italy.

Sammy, the only male in the group is doing the Garment Tech Pathway Level 3, he is French.

Fiorenza is doing the Sample Tech Pathway, Level 3, she is from Italy.

Valentina is doing the Sample Tech Pathway, Level 3, she is from Italy.

Zoe is doing the Sample Tech Pathway, Level 3, she is from the UK.

India is the newest edition to the Harrods team and she is doing Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship Machinist and she is from the UK.

Senior Lecturer at the FTA, Jo Price comments:

“It was fantastic to meet the group of apprentices from Harrods yesterday. We had an enjoyable day and I am looking forward to working with them and see them grow and progress with their current skills as garment techs, sample techs and pattern cutters as well as learning new ones. These technical skills are vital to building a strong and powerful workforce to enable the fashion industry in the UK to grow and flourish and to continue to meet ethical standards.”

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