Meet Maisie Marshall Merchandiser At Fashion Enter Ltd

Q What time does your alarm go off?
M: At 5:45am! I always make time for breakfast just before running out of the door to make it for the train. I get into the office for 8:00am.
Q What’s a typical day like for you?
M: As I manage our new accounts everyday brings something new and different, so no day is ever the same. One day I could be organizing production for one of our high street suppliers and the next I could be out sourcing fabrics for our in-house brand ‘Belles of London’!
Q Tell us about your career route, where did it all start for you?
M: I always knew I wanted to do something in fashion but I was never sure what that was! I studied Fashion Design in college before starting an apprenticeship with Fashion Enter, this was my first time visiting a live factory and I was blown away with all of the processes that went into making a garment! From then I was hooked.
Q  And did you spend any time completing work placements / experience?

M: I was very lucky! As I completed my apprenticeship with Fashion Enter I was able to get so much experience from working with different departments throughout the product life cycle.

Q What key skills / attributes would you say are essential for this role?
M: Team work!! and perseverance. You have to know what is happening at all times and without a great team the job would be impossible!
Q What is the worst part of the job?
M: Deadlines!!! We work to such a tight schedule that it can occasionally get a little hectic but it is also what makes it so exciting!
Q Best piece of advice you have been given?
M: That everybody makes mistakes, and we must learn from them to grow.
Q After work you like to…
M: Since it’s winter I tend to hibernate and head straight home to cuddle my two dogs! Or if I’m feeling I can brave the cold I will head out to meet with my friends and catch up over dinner.