MBA Students All the Way from USA Take the Factory Uncovered Seminar & Tour

On the 10th May 2022, Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Production Director Caroline Ash welcomed two groups of MBA students all the way from Warrington College of Business, University of Florida in the USA!

The groups were made up with a variety of business professionals that were keen to learn about Fashion-Enter’s business model and what makes the company unique. Caroline discussed all areas of the company from design to end product manufacturing processes to the external events that can impact the business, along with best practice ethics and the importance of investing in new technology.

The organiser Jiamei Jin, commented: “Our students absolutely loved the visit, they couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards, Caroline is such an inspirational and engaging speaker, it’s definitely one of the best visits we’ve had. Thanks so much for organising it for us, really appreciate it.”

Feedback from the groups included:

“I gained appreciation for all the work to make a finished garment. I am inspired by your enthusiasm for what you do and that you are actively seeking to help others.”

“I learnt everything about the garment industry, the impact of Covid, Brexit, Ukraine war, inflation etc. Caroline was amazing and very passionate. Thank-you.”

“I have learnt how clothes go from a design to actually being made. This is a fantastic process. Caroline, you are a true gem and I truly appreciate your time and expertise.”

“I learned about business model uniqueness and how being a smaller business can provide strategic advantages over larger competitors. Caroline provided an exemplary presentation. She’s truly a gifted director and educator. This was a wonderful experience.”

“I found out about the many processes involved in producing clothing. Very good presentation, easy to be engaged. Thank-you for your time.”

“I gained knowledge on garment production, the business model and industry landscape. It was worth it!”

“I found out how UK production works V’s the US.”

“Your organisation rocks! Very special.”