Marnie Gilmour – Work Experience

This week we are joined by Marnie, who will be completing work experience with us and the team at FashionCapital.   Here Marnie tells us all about herself and her future aspirations!

Hello, my name is Marnie Gilmour and I have been given the opportunity to complete my year 10 work experience here at Fashion Capital.

As a 15 year old girl fashion plays a very big influence in my life and that is why i think that i have such a passion for everything fashion!
At school I have chosen to study History, Drama and sociology.  I know, I know… not really to do with the subject of designing and making fashion, however that is because I do not want to fashion design, I want to write about fashion, trends and designers.

My ultimate goal is to be Editor in chief of VOGUE magazine and that has been my dream job sine I was about 10-11 years old.  The thought of travelling the world, writing and directing for the most recognised fashion magazine in the world could never be replaced by a normal 9-5 office job.  The thing that made me want to head down this route is the film, “The Devil Wears Prada” and since I have watched this film I have never even thought about another career.

How would I describe myself through fashion? I would say.. a pop of colour, a few ruffles, (of course) to a completely black outfit.
My fashion inspirations; Well my number 1 fashion inspiration has to come from Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.  I am also obsessed with Chanel, the clothes, shoes and bags.  If i could I would not wear anything else.  My favourite shop has to be Zara.  My wardrobe = Zara, outfits = Zara, everything = Zara.

So being given the chance to do my work experience placement here at Fashion Capital I will hopefully get to explore the world of fashion underneath the stitching and pattern making.  For example writing, photography and fashion directing, whilst also exploring other aspects in fashion, finding new things thatIi love and maybe even swaying away from the idea of VOGUE… but that is just a maybe!