Manufacturers Let Your Voice Be Heard – Parliamentary Meeting On Visas For Skilled Machinists

Fashion Enter & the FTA are working with APPG News Channel, APPG Roundtable #textiles and #fashion and the EEF to advocate for a more inclusive Visa system for British manufacturing machinists. If the farmers can have dispensation for fruit pickers why can’t garment manufacturers?

Machinists are skilled but they are not generally paid £30k a year. We need machinists to be recognised as skilled so they can be added to the #Occupational #Shortage List. Our Fashion Technology Academy is proving successful in creating a future generation of new entrants via short courses and apprenticeships but trained machinists need a minimum level of five to ten years’ experience to work in a thriving apparel factory.

We’re taking this issue to 1 #Parliament Street on Monday 8th July 10-12 noon #manufacturers please have your say and attend! We need to protect the future growth of the UK manufacturing industry. With a #no-deal on the horizon we need to ensure the security of our #skilled #machinists. Space is limited – only a few seats left. Please confirm your attendance to

There’s also a short survey for manufacturer’s too – 3 min max: