Managing Behaviour for Learning – Staff CPD

On the 16th January, Fashion-Enter Ltd staff members from the education department attended a CPD on ‘Managing Behaviour for Learning’. This included staff from the Haringey, Islington and Leicester campuses.

Lan Leeder, Head of Education commented:

“I have worked at FEL for over 8-years and during this time we have achieved a 500% increase in budget for our delivery of technical skills. To me, I understand the importance of continuing to develop the staff, and this CPD on Managing Behaviour for Learning has been excellent.

“The session aims to ‘foster a safe learning environment with positive behaviour and learning by all students.”

We discussed the common behaviour issues we encounter in class, the reasons behind bad behaviour, and strategies to manage bad behaviour, such as:

·        Creating a supportive environment

·        Clear and consistent expectations

·        Establish routines  

·        Provide clear instructions and break tasks into manageable steps

·        Offer immediate rewards

·        Provide movement breaks

·        Encourage self-monitoring

·        Develop social skills

·        Involve others

·        Consider individual needs

The entire team was involved in the CPD and the feedback from the team has been positive.

“10/10. Informative, highly recommend this for all teaching staff.” Divya Kamath

“The course was beneficial and informative. I want to look at the topic which can be used for group learning.” Puja Singh

“A great presentation and I am eager to look back at the PowerPoint and watch the video.” Jo Bean