London College of Fashion Students Gain Factory & Manufacturing Insight

On the 22nd April the team at Fashion-Enter welcomed 2 groups of students from the London College of Fashion, UAL, for an educational seminar and tour of the factory. The groups were split into 2-hour morning and afternoon sessions led by Production Director Caroline Ash.

Both groups were studying fashion design so it provided the perfect opportunity for Caroline to explain how their design decisions, fabric choices and requirements relate to the practical construction and manufacturing side of the industry. Both groups got to experience the factory in full flow, stopping at each stage to see as well as hear about the process. Caroline also talked about factory ethics, slave labour, costings, sustainability along with the technology that is being utilised to ensure speed of response, quality fit and reduction in waste. There was a lot to discuss and the students were attentive and keen to learn.

Feedback included:

“It was my first time in a garment manufacturer’s and I learnt very much about the process as well as the digital systems which was very interesting. A lot of nice examples and useful information was shared.”

“I really liked today’s experience and understanding of garment production. I will be more practical when I design in the future. Thank-you!”

“The information and the speakers experience was highly appreciated. The technology approach applied was a lovely plus. Thanks!”

“Nice seminar. I learnt a lot in the 2-hours. It was quite a meaningful experience for me.”

“I learnt about the reality of the manufacturing side of the industry, a contrast to what has been taught in the classroom.”

“I found out about how this factory endeavours to provide ethical working conditions and how this  can be difficult to achieve. I learnt about the reality of slave labour and the difficulty of resolving it due to the relentless low-cost mindset from brands. It was very insightful and eye opening!”

“Super interesting! Very well organised and conducted.”

“Super, enjoyed the visit and truly learnt a lot. Thanks for the introduction.”

“I learnt about the detailed workings of a garment factory. I was amazed at the transparency provided.”

“I found out about the specifics and effort that goes into garment construction as well as the amount of work still to do in the industry to be ethical and sustainable.”

“As a fashion designer I got to know how fashion processes work here and I found them pretty interesting.”

“Overall it was really informative, and I would love to visit again for further information.”