Legal Eagle Masterclass With Nick Gould

On Tuesday 8th October, we had another excellent ‘Legal Eagle’ masterclass session delivered by Nick Gould.

Nick is a Partner at the law firm of Gunnercooke in London. He advises companies from local start-ups to multinational trading groups on a wide range of business law issues. For many years he has specialised in advising family or privately owned and managed businesses, from the small to the very large. Business sectors include fashion and media.

He also helps to solve shareholder and similar disputes. Nick lectures and writes regularly on aspects of corporate law, most recently on those involving directors’ duties and liabilities. He tries to help small companies think about how to grow and to protect themselves while they do so.

Nick was a member of the “Good Law” initiative set up by the UK Cabinet Office and Office of the Parliamentary Counsel to try and make law easier to understand and access – because when others give compliments it is a bonus.

During his masterclass Nick discussed all things legal from; IP rights, patents, copyright, database rights, UK product design, community designs and trademarks – he also talked about the importance of paper trails and that each time you agree to do, or agree not to do something, to make a note / keep a record. The session was frank and informal with lots of questions taken and answered from banking to officially setting up your own business.

Here is a selection of the feedback from the session:

“Easy to listen to, very open discussion. Gave great advice, I feel like I have a lot more confidence to go ahead and set up my own business.” – Hadiyah

“This seminar was very interesting from a maker and start-up point of view. It included all the legalities and the take on Brexit influence.” – Shirley

“Great information that you need to know to open your own company. Great speaker and informative.” – Selvie

“I have learnt that a paper trail is one of the most important things I can do.” – Denise.

Watch this space for Nick’s next masterclass.