Learning About the Future of Fashion with Production Director Caroline Ash

Learning is much more than contact logs, hitting criteria, performing tasks and observations! Learning must be deep, VASCR (valid, authentic, sufficient, current and reliable) and above all it must be industry relevant, informative, fun and thought provoking so the learner understands business and what business expects of them.

This is exactly why Fashion-Enter Ltd provides free masterclasses to continually develop the learners and also to ensure they leave with the highest level of industry knowledge that the Fashion Technology Academy can provide.

On 13th September Caroline Ash, Production Director of FEL, provided two 2-hour seminars on the Future of the Fashion Industry, which included an in-depth overview of current advancements in the world of fashion. She discussed what sustainability really means and why greenwashing needs to be avoided and what brands need for their businesses to thrive and not just survive.

The agenda included:

  • Ethical production, including understanding what ethical production is and the things to look out for when visiting a factory.
  • The advances in technology including the micro-factory and how this is far more sustainable with 3D pattern cutting and fitting, digital lab dips, computerised cutting, body scanners and sewbots!
  • Sustainability and greenwashing and how you can make a difference.

Caroline Ash commented: “I am proud to be able to help so many learners, businesses and designers today and impart my knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 40-years. There was such strong engagement from both classes and the Q&A on both courses was particularly insightful and thought provoking. It takes a long time to prepare for these seminars and provide power point presentations but it’s certainly worth it from the comments received back in the feedback. Many thanks to all who attended today and I look forward to meeting everyone again soon.” 

Feedback from the session included:

“Really fantastic session. Learnt a huge amount.”

“Thank-you, a great presentation.”

“Thanks a million, great presentation, really informative.”

“I learnt a great deal of information, particularly new developments in the industry, supply chain.”

“I heard about how to develop my own brand. Thank-you very much.”

“I found out how factories work, what to look for and current tech involved. I would suggest some 5-minute breaks so we can process and the speaker can have a rest.”

“I learnt about the various ways that brands can use technology to provide a great service to their customers.”