Learner’s Voice February 2023

To ensure FEL / FTA learners objectives are being met the FEL team regularly hold Learner’s Voice sessions where they encourage all learners to be open, honest and direct with their conversations and comments.

At February’s Learner’s Voice session at the FTA Deputy CEO, Jackie Bertram explained the objectives of the meeting:

•To ensure that the learners aims are being met

•To find out if there were areas for improvement

•To confirm progression routes and next steps after the courses

•To provide quality IAG – Information Advice and Guidance for all learners – both Exit and Next Steps 

•To ensure that the cross section of learners were a representative of their cohort

•To feedback to the learners on any points raised and an action plan would be created accordingly. 

•To set up another meeting within the next six weeks to discuss outcomes from today’s meeting

Examples of feedback included:


  • I came with zero knowledge and the first day worked well setting out the expectations for the course duration.
  • L1 & L2 Stitching – Good course, came with a little knowledge, found the workbooks great to follow.
  • Following feedback Lan would demonstrate a task to a group, and then we would have a go – this worked well as we were able to work together, support each other and we got through the work faster than those in the other group.


  • Not enough resources in class; lack of zipper foot, only 2 overlock machines on patterns.
  •  Making a wallet and baby T-shirt diagrams could be clearer – its impossible to complete without a tutor.
  •  Different teaching styles can cause confusion.

What can we do extra

  • Potentially have focused sessions with learners that need extra support -to re-demonstrate or separate into focus groups of ability.
  • Mannequins and display area for what we have made throughout the course would be great.
  • Universal/agreed teaching structure.

This feedback is relayed back to the FTA team where improvements and actions can be put in place where necessary. The session also provides the chance for the learners to talk about their next steps and goals and the team can advise accordingly.