Learn How To TR Pattern Cut Like An Origami Expert

TR pattern cutting means Transformational Reconstruction, this is a form of origami pattern cutting which translates into immediate and intuitive 3D creations, in opposition to the more conventional way of drafting. The results are deliciously unexpected and totally exciting, with TR cutting you work directly onto the base shape and manipulate the style lines by building the shape and creating the look, this way you can see instantly how the piece will look. Working in conjunction with 2D pattern cutting you create a more couture form of interpretation.

Claudette Joseph has been using and teaching TR pattern cutting for six years, she is a five times TR Master and a three times TR Super Master, she holds regular classes and workshops in this creative form of pattern cutting, annually she holds a master workshop in her Essex studio with the creator and founder of TR pattern cutting Shingo Sato a truly inspirational Japanese artisan.

Claudette will be teaching a taster course in this exciting and highly creative form of pattern cutting at the Fashion Technology Academy in North London in the New Year.

There will be four sessions that are three-hours each on 13th and 20th January 2018.

For further information and costs email: