Leadership at the FTA  – Learners and Staff are at the Forefront of all that we do! 

As a niche, high quality training provider Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) takes great care, time and commitment to ensure that the process of learning is well managed, effective and works for both the tutors and the learners alike. One of the areas that management in particular has to be careful of is to ensure that the learners complete in a timely manner and for this to occur it means that Information, Advice and Guidance must be effective.

Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram states; “Whilst I am new to education, I have had a career that is steeped in retail working for larger multinational companies such as Asda and ASOS. I have always had the highest of standards and as a result of these years of industrial standards and high KPI’s my aim as Deputy CEO is really to make sure that the FTA excels in a way that works for all staff and all learners. This is not easy! We are highly specialised, but we never spread ourselves too thin and we offer the highest quality of training to the very latest industry standards.”

FEL has educational sites at Haringey and Islington in London, Leicester and Newtown in Wales. These sites are all in areas that are relatively poor economically with learners that are hard to reach and long-term unemployed. This is exactly however, why FEL opened in these areas.

Jenny Holloway, CEO, adds: “Everyone deserves the right to a solid education whether that is academic or vocational. Everyone has the right to develop their skills so they can have a career or own their own business. No one is better than anyone else and we have always prided ourselves on being totally inclusive. We also put the learner first too with an open-door policy that really reflects safeguarding and confidentiality.   

“Recently we had an apprentice that has had one break in learning but now needs another due to external barriers. This cannot be helped and we contacted the Awarding Body to really insist that we all gather behind this apprentice and support. Life has many curve balls and we need a human side towards education that is warm, supportive and nurturing. This is why we have strong values and a commitment to our learners and staff.” 

FEL also constantly engages with the community at many levels such as the Sewing Group of Islington, Haringey Training Providers and meet quarterly. Staff are part of a large network in other regions too, such as working closely with the Powys Council to create a state of the art Fashion Technology Academy that will house the latest printing technologies of Kornit Digital.

To ensure that the learners meet targets FEL holds a weekly team meeting each Monday at 9am with staff and review progress, trackers and quality standards of work. This then leads to a wholly  joined up educational system that works.