LCF Post Graduate Students Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

On Tuesday 8th November we had a group of enthusiastic post graduate Buying and Merchandising students from the London College of Fashion.

This intensive PG course aims to develop the students understanding of the integration of buying, merchandising, design and garment technology functions in contributing to a fashion range. This includes; design options, lead times, pricing strategies, sourcing strategies, movement of stock, use of merchandising data, range planning, along with factors affecting the supply chain. 

All of these key topics were discussed in the seminar and Director Caroline Ash was able to enhance the groups understanding by showing them each stage of the manufacturing process on the factory floor and how their decisions can affect the process.

Caroline said: We hosted a group from the London College of Fashion today, the students were post graduate Buying and Merchandising, eight weeks into their 15-week intensive course. This is an ideal time for the seminar as it reinforces what they have already been taught and can answer a lot of questions. They were a great group and loved the diversity of the seminar.”

Feedback from the group included:

“I learnt more about how a garment is brought to life, the process and the issues that could come up. Really good learning experience thank-you.”

“Really impressive experience.”

“Very informative and relatable.”

“It was the first time I saw a dress made step by step, also the knowledge of making a garment. Thank-you for the lecture.”

“Loved the visit, so educational and inspiring to learn about so many aspects.”

“Learnt how buying and merchandising links with suppliers. It was very informative and interesting.”

“I gained a lot of important tips about production, the factory and how they work.”