LCF MA Fashion Design Students Take The Factory Uncovered Tour

On 25th April, we had two groups of MA Fashion Design Management students from the London College of Fashion / UAL visit Fashion-Enter Ltd HQ for our popular Factory Uncovered tour.

Led by Director Caroline Ash the students were keen to know more about the fashion production process in detail including garment costing, sustainability and technological advancements. 

Caroline commented: “Both groups enjoyed learning about all the production processes, costings, transparency and of course loved the Factory and Fashion Studio tour. They were really good sessions, lots of interaction and questions from the students.”

Feedback included:

“I have enjoyed this seminar and learned new things, processes and terms from this wonderful factory visit. It was a pleasure to meet the workers and our tutor in this session.”

“Very lovely speaker, thank-you so much for your guidance through the factory.”

“It has been an amazing experience to have this learning tour and understanding about the UK perspective on manufacturing garments. It was amazing to see all kinds of manufacturing under one roof with advanced tech.”

“A very informative visit.”

“I learnt about logistics and detailed management levels. Really nice working environment.”

“Learned a lot of insider knowledge about current events / issues in the fashion industry.”

“Thank-you for the visit. All the information was very clear and easy to understand thanks to the speaker.”

“Insight about the factory, costings and working conditions. Really good speaker.”

“I found out about the nuances of garment production and how they contribute to how a garment is costed.”

“A really insightful and informative tour, thank-you.”