LCF International Students Gain Factory Floor Insight

On 24th November, Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Director, Caroline Ash, had a group of International students visit the Factory for a seminar and tour.

The London College of Fashion International students were given an overview on the fashion production process, from patterns and fits through to construction and quality control. Sustainability is a big topic for any product based business today and Caroline talked to the group about ‘greenwashing’ and showed them our Fashtech Innovation Centre and the move towards smaller runs and one piece flow.

Caroline commented: “We had International students in today with the London College of Fashion, it was a fantastic session. So much so that they are looking to double the amount if time next year, so that we can fit more information in! It was very interesting to hear the different students’ perspectives from an international point of view.”

Feedback from the group included:

“I learnt how fast garments are made. The process is very interesting. Loved the speaker and the session was very informative.”

“I didn’t realise how technical the whole process was. Very interesting.”

“I learnt about sustainability issues in fashion. “Greenwashing’ is a problem.”

“I am much more aware, and I am glad I had the chance to learn so much today.”

“A good experience of visiting the workers that make clothes.”

“I now deeply understand how a UK factory works and the whole process behind a brand.”

“I learnt how to make profit, the technology of making garments and details of garments.”

“I wish more companies would use sustainable materials.”

“I gained some knowledge about sewing clothing and sustainable fashion development.”