LCB – Fashion Season Event – Leicester Tuesday 18th April 2023

It was great to see one of our FCFTA learners Sally Anne Kirk showcase her designs at the LCB Leicester Fashion Season.

Sally has just completed her Level 1 Award in Industrial Sewing and is now starting Level 2 certificate in Pattern and garment construction. 

At the event held at LBC depot on Tuesday 18th April, Sally showcased the first pieces from Unloved Daughters her debut collection, due to be presented later on this year, designed and styled by herself. 

The collection reflects on the ever growing problems caused by cheap fast fashion for skilled garment workers, the environment and the industry as a whole. 

Unloved Daughters consists of pieces of fast fashion bought for a few pounds in controversial “80% off” online sales that have been upcycled and embellished by hand, turning them into editorial pieces and wearable art. 

The collection was created to start up conversations about the economics of the fast fashion business model and to disrupt the narrative of throw away fashion by turning the items into beautiful and unique runway worthy pieces. 

Designer Sally Anne Kirk said: “ I wanted to create this collection and dedicated it to garment workers to honour their hard work and garment making skills. I had no formal training or experience in garment construction and I am in awe of the garment makers who are so skilled and talented. There is little respect for their craft, especially when pieces are being sold for few pounds and disposed of so flippantly by consumers. I want customers to take a moment and think about the amount of work that goes into the process of making clothes they buy from fast fashion companies and realise that garment workers could be exploited at every stage – from skills to wages. I don’t have all of the answers but wanted to create something more from their brilliant work.”