Kensington Park School Students Take an Educational Factory Tour

On the 22nd and 27th July the Fashion-Enter team welcomed two groups of students from Kensington Park School based in central London for an educational seminar and tour of the factory.

Production Director Caroline Ash, explained about the business before showing the groups each stage of the garment production process, from initial design through to checked and packed product.

The young students were amazed by the speed of the garment making process, the new technology involved and the variety of career paths available within the fashion sector. The groups were also informed about industry sustainability and ethical practices.

Feedback from the students included:

“I learnt about the importance of treating your staff well, sustainability solutions and diversifying for lower risks in your business. Very energetic presenter, and very interesting seminar that emphasises key elements of a good, successful business.”

“Fascinating, especially the tour and seeing the entire process and the machines.”

“I have learnt that having good relationships is crucial and that diversification is needed to have constant work. All the information was nice and clear to understand and there was a good atmosphere.” 

“I have seen what I have been studying in real life; about business and sustainability. I have also experienced the process and the machinery used to make clothes.”

“This was a great learning experience. I learnt how the fashion industry manufacturing works.”

“We had a very good hostess, congratulate her!”

“I realised how fast things can be done with the correct organisation, which is essential in the fashion industry. I really enjoyed the explanation and having the opportunity to see how the work is done.”

“I loved the atmosphere and the fact that you don’t just rely on machines but a lot of people can find a job at your factory.”