Joyce Pereira Joins Us For Two Weeks Of Work Experience

Joyce Pereira joins us for two weeks of work experience this week. Find out more about the budding fashion student here;

“Hello, my name is Joyce Pereira and I am doing two weeks of work experience here at Fashion Capital (10/07/17 – 21/07/17).

Based in Leyton, East London, I have just finished year 10 at Holy Family Catholic School. At school I am currently studying Art, Media and Geography. I thoroughly enjoy my art and media classes as they are mainly coursework based so I get to escape from writing essays and doing calculations and rather design, create and learn new creative skills, which is a lovely change from the usual, academic subjects. I particularly enjoy art as it is a constant learning experience where I am experimenting with different mediums and developing my ideas. Media is also an amazing subject as I am able to explore making a magazine and look into many creative industries.

After completing secondary school I plan to study at sixth-form to complete my A-levels, and then take my education further and perhaps study an aspect of the fashion industry at a higher level. In particular, I have always been interested in fashion journalism as I have a passion for writing. To see an article written by myself in an influential magazine such as Vogue would be a dream come true.

I was drawn to the fashion industry after seeing the influence fashion has on our everyday lives and how celebrities inspire millions of people simply with their fashion choices. I am really passionate about social media and the impact it has on the fashion industry.

Here at Fashion Capital I hope to get an insight of what the fashionindustry is really like and how I could find my place within it. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity and I hope this fortnight will be a memorable and exciting experience where I can gain many new skills and deepen my knowledge of the world of fashion. Hopefully I will determine a career path along the way and decide where my future lies.”