Join Us For Expert Led Masterclasses Aimed at Fashion Brand Start Ups

Over the next five months the Fashion-Enter Ltd / FTA team will be hosting a series of free, monthly masterclasses via Zoom to advise and support new and emerging fashion brand start-ups.

The team consists of individuals that have decades of fashion and manufacturing experience and can provide in-depth knowledge and information required to successfully operate as a fashion brand today. This includes: FEL CEO Jenny Holloway, Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram, Production Director Caroline Ash, Head of Technical Development Claire Solley and Fashion Studio manager Agnes Szepligeti.

From creating a business plan and finding a manufacturer to the sampling process and a tour of our production facilities. Our masterclasses are packed full of need-to-know terminology, recommended documents and practical information that are essential for your fashion business.

Feedback from previous masterclasses included:

“Super informative and interesting, thank-you so much!”

“I have learnt everything about factories and how the manufacturing process works. I really enjoyed learning about the factory, thank-you.”

“I have learnt about what makes a good manufacturer, the workings of a factory and innovative technology. Really enjoyable and I learnt a lot, thank-you.”

“I learnt about the production process in greater detail. Amazing information!”

“Amazing speaker, thank-you.”

The 5 monthly masterclasses are:

25th January: 10 Step Guide to Building a Fashion Brand from Concept to Consumer with Jenny Holloway

22nd February: 12 Step Plan to Develop and Create a Fashion Collection including a tour of our Fashion Studio with Jenny Holloway, Claire Solley and Agnes Szepligeti

22nd March: UK V’s Overseas Sourcing, Development and Production with Jackie Bertram

26th April: 10 Strategies to Create an Ethical Brand from Yarn Sourcing to Works Rights’ with Caroline Ash

24th May: Top 10 Tips to Create a Strong Team and Partnership with Your Manufacturer with Caroline Ash

Don’t miss out on these insightful, free sessions, each masterclass is 2-hours long and pre-booking is required, just tap the link and add to basket, a Zoom link will be emailed to you closer to the date.