Introduction To Optitex Masterclass

On Friday 6th December 2019, Claire Solley, Senior Pattern Cutter at Fashion-Enter and the FTA, held a free introductory masterclass on Optitex pattern design software.

She explained the many benefits of the package including how to prepare patterns for 3D simulation, garment fit, applying colour, pattern and texture and much more.

The insightful introductory session included:

 – Working with the Avatar editor

How it is possible to adjust the digital mannequin size to be as per your customer.

– PDS 2D how to prepare pattern for 3D simulation

Pattern placement, applying location and shape for accurate simulation adding stitches to the garment, flipping stitches that are incorrect applying fabric parameters so simulation knows how much the fabric will stretch/drape, applying stitch properties, lock stitch for woven garments, 4 thread for stretch, 3D placement on avatar so pattern simulates well.

– Garment fit

Checking the fit of the garment using mesh, tension maps, and stretch map.

– PDS applying colour and print and fabric texture

Creating multiple colourways for the garment, creating printed versions, scaling print up and down, what happens if the print is not repeated correctly.

Applying fabric textures to give realistic effect in rendering.

Attendee Helen said: “Claire was very helpful and very knowledgeable in the use of the software and the customer.”

The group then took a tour of the factory with Production Director, Caroline Ash, to see the patterns being incorporated into the manufacturing process.

We have a 3-day Optitex course planned for the 8th, 9th & 10th January 2020 please contact if you would like to know more and put your name down.