Introducing FEL Work Experience Student Khaya

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FTA) regularly accommodates work experience students, ranging from Year 10 and up, to work shadow and have a taste of the variety of job roles within the FEL team.

This week, 14th August, we warmly welcome Khaya to FEL for 1-week and she will spend each day with a different FEL employee so that she gains a good overview of the variety of roles within the business.

Here she introduces herself:

“My name is Khaya and I am here to do some work experience this week. 

“Fashion and design has always been an interest of mine which is why I would like to do this job, so this experience can help me see how much I would want fashion and design to be in my future. I am still deciding which part of fashion and design I would like to do, so I am hoping that this experience will help me decide. 

“To be honest, this is the first time I am getting work experience because I couldn’t get any during the pandemic, so I’m not quite sure how all of this works and what to expect. I am not specifically sure what I am looking for, or what I would prefer to do while I’m here, but I would like to be as involved as possible – but also not do something that is too outside of my comfort zone. 

“My aim for this week is to learn as much as possible from FashionCapital / FEL and explore my interests.  Just tell me what I can do to help and I will do my best to get the job done. 

“I have just finished my GCSE’s in June and I am exploring my options around art and design this summer to experience what my future could possibly look like. I chose this company because I was impressed by what you have been doing. Also, I have recently done a course where I can upcycle garments to turn them into something else and I really enjoyed it, I may possibly go back another time. 

“This experience is very new to me so I will do my best to make a good impression and help around as much as I can.”