International Visitors Gain Design and Production Insight on our Factory Uncovered Tour

As we have seen, particularly over these last few months, Fashion-Enter’s Factory Uncovered seminar and tours have been attracting visitors from further afield and are of interest to a range of industry sectors, not only fashion.

This week, 1st June, FEL Director Caroline Ash welcomed a group from the University of North Texas. 

Caroline said: “We had the Sanjukta University of North Texas in for the factory seminar and tour. We covered the design process in depth which they found very informative, and they were also thrilled to learn more about sustainability and ethics.”

The group responded to the session with the following:

“I thought it was wonderful. I was very impressed. I wish we had planned for more time.”

“I loved this tour of the factory. The speaker was delightful.”

“I learnt many facts about sustainability. I loved the speaker, she was very enthusiastic and passionate.”

“I wish we had a longer time.”

“I learned what an ethical and sustainable factory looks like.”

“I learned about the production process and how factories are able to make more ethical and sustainable decisions.”

“I’ve read a lot about product development but seeing everything in person was so interesting.”