International Visitors Attend FEL’s Ethical Seminar and Factory Tour

We had three groups visit FEL HQ this week (Commencing 28th May 2024) for our popular Ethical Seminar and Factory Tour.

Hosted by FEL Director Caroline Ash, here she briefly reviews the week:

“First we had an individual, a Professor from Purdue University, who wanted to advance her industry knowledge, experience, and improve her teaching skills to bolster her research potential. The subjects covered were; ethical manufacturing, sustainable production processes, supply chain transparency, garment quality control, worker welfare, and training. Obviously it was a very tailored visit and it was great to teach one-on-one. 

“This was followed by the University of North Texas, the group enjoyed the seminar immensely and went away feeling inspired. Lastly, we had a group from ACS International Singapore which was very successful and they loved seeing Style3D and the Styleverse Innovation Centre.”

Feedback from the various visitors included: 

Purdue University:

“10 out of 10, learned a lot about sustainability and ethical practices. AI in the factory etc which is all hugely helpful for my future teaching and research. Factory tour and demonstration was so great!”

University of North Texas:

“Amazing! Such an expert in the fashion industry.”

“I loved learning about Style3D and feel very inspired to try it for my own designs. Very good atmosphere and informative.”

“I loved learning about the use of AI and Style3D. The organisations was great. Thank-you!”

“I learned so much about the sustainability process and how many factors go into having a sustainable business. I also learned how helpful AI can be when creating garments. I was great.”

“I found out that AI will change the fashion industry for the better. Also to be more sustainable. Loved all of it!”

ACS International:

“I learnt how factories work, make profit. Very detailed, very good.”

“Caroline was a wonderful speaker, I found her presence really welcoming and the information was interesting and helpful to my project.”

“I learnt about the production process of garments. Economic criteria’s of the fashion industry. Factors that affect revenue and things affecting economic decisions for a private sector in the fashion industry.”