International and LCF Students Join Us for a Factory Tour and Seminar

Over the past week, commencing 9th October, we had two returning groups visit us at Fashion-Enter’s Factory and Innovation Centre for an informative seminar and tour relating to their studies. 

The first were a cohort of international students whose interest was to learn how technology enables more sustainable production. The second were a group of MBA London College of Fashion (LCF) students who were 3 weeks into their course. 


Leading the seminars was FEL Director Caroline Ash, she said:

We went through the whole garment lifecycle, looked at how technology is improving speed to market and sustainability and did a deep dive into the Factory/Fashion Studio, Pattern Room procedures and saw the technology in action.

With both tours we worked very closely with the tutors on content, and we got great feedback from the students.”

Feedback from the students included:

“Learnt about sustainability in clothing manufacturing and on-demand manufacturing. Very good tour / presentation.”

“Learnt how important sustainability is the the fashion industry and that as the younger generation we need to fix this issue now.”

“Speaker was incredibly passionate and insightful. Lovely visit overall and learned a lot about the design process.”

“I gained a lot of information regarding the fashion industry and the future of it.”

“I learnt that there are several different processes that go into making a single article of clothing, and why we need more sustainable practices.”

“It was great to learn about the up and coming technology that will dictate the future of production, product development and design. Very interested to see how these practices will shape the future of the industry. Caroline was very well spoken and knowledgable.”

“I really enjoyed hearing about all of the new technology being implemented. Very engaging and insightful. Thank-you for your time.”

“I learnt about the operations of a traditional factory along with the emerging technologies of the industry and the future.”

“I enjoyed the presentation, appreciated the organisation and information shared.”

“Very informative and clear explanation. Thank-you.”

“I found out about ways we could use technology to speed up and make processes more sustainable.”

“Wonderful factory, highly innovative. The machinery was next level. Very clean as well.”