Insightful and Informative: A Busy Week of Factory Uncovered Seminars and Tours

It’s been yet another busy week (commencing 4th March 2024), with our Factory Uncovered seminar and tours. Host Caroline Ash specifically adapted each tour to suit the needs and level of each visiting group. This week she went from A-Level to University students studying fashion related topics as well as business.

The week started with two groups from London College of Fashion who really enjoyed the whole experience. This was followed by a returning visit from London Metropolitan University who are always enthusiastic and attentive. 

Next was an International Business group who have visited us many times and always bring lovely individuals to teach. This was swiftly followed by two groups of Edexcel A-Level students from Salesian School. The week finished off with the lovely Helen and her students from Regents University who have been coming us for years. We had amazing feedback from them and it has been a really good week!

Feedback included…

London College of Fashion:

“I appreciated all the insight on the production process and being able to see workers in action. The Style3D element was really cool.”

“10/10 for the speaker, very valuable seminar and tour, thank-you!”

“Insightful information regarding supplier and buyer relations as well as cost and functions of manufacturing a garment.”

“I have gained an insight into the steps from idea to production. I have also enjoyed learning about considerations for other parts of the world.”

“I have learnt how AI can be used for fit sessions.”

“I learnt about the minimum wage in multiple countries and how fast production time is. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.”

“I’ve learnt more about the flow of the production process.”

London Metropolitan University:

“Thank-you so much for sharing your experience and giving us so much knowledge on what goes on in the manufacturing unit. This has really helped me gain more knowledge.”

“Very informative and interesting, a lot of information was given in an understandable way so that you learn from it. A very interesting seminar.”

“The information was clear and very informative. I have learnt enormous amounts from this seminar. Presentation was brilliant and the speaker was very clear and well spoken. Thank-you.”

“The speaker Caroline, was passionate and knowledgeable. Lovely experience.”

“Very detailed and informative, covered as many areas as possible within a certain period of time. Thank-you.”


“Super engaging and insightful speaker. Really enjoyed the visit, the AI part was also super cool.”

“I learnt so much about the business and ethics of the fashion industry that I’ve never thought of before. This presentation is really going to help with our project on H&M, thank-you.”

“I learnt how new AI can improve the efficiency from both producer and consumer perspectives.”


“I’ve learnt a lot about fashion that will help me in my exam – filling me with confidence.”

“I found out about the manufacturing process of garments and different markets.”

“I’ve learnt lots of information that will help me with my test.”

Regents University London

“Caroline was so amazing and very clearly knowledgeable about everything. She was also very passionate which makes all the difference.”

“Excellent explanation for the process and details for this industry.”

“I have learnt a lot from this seminar, mostly about garment production, fabrics and the whole process of fashion – behind the scenes.”

“The technology discussion was definitely my favourite.”