Industry Data and the Growing Need for Sustainable On – Demand Printing Services

At the Fashion Technology Academy (FEL) we regularly want to provide our learners with industry data and give an overview of what’s occurring in the sector. The latest info for the UK Fashion & Accessory market is that it has a worth of over £54.78bn (Source: Statista) and is set to grow by £10.8bn in 2026. The data is alarming behind the sales, for example did you know that a garment that costs £30 to buy in the UK has an average cost of £20 for the garment to be returned for the brand/retailer (Source: NRF, Roland Berger). Of that cost 27% of the return is related to landfill. An estimated £140m clothing is sent to landfill in the UK annually (Source: WRAP), and so the need to educate students who want a career in fashion & apparel the power of digital printing and UK manufacturing technology is needed more than ever.

This is why FEL has invested heavily into new technologies with partners such as Kornit Digital. Their printing technologies have the ability to re-print and design on existing garments for upcycling as well as utilising the vast amount of surplus fabrics across the UK. This unique rewarding partnership with Kornit, the market leader in industrial textile printing today with over one thousand Kornit printing systems worldwide, ensures the learners of the FTA have the very best enrichment activities. Their learning involves other industry technologies such as Optitex and Zund.

Fashion-Enter Ltd Jenny Holloway said: “I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved in our Fashion Technology Academy and we’re delighted to share this learning experience with CCCG, London’s leading group of colleges. We want our learners to be industry ready when they leave our FTA. We give the very best possible start for their careers and their start-up businesses.”

In the UK Kornit customers print on approximately 12 million garments per year of which 97% of these are printed on demand only after the garment is sold. The digital textile printing industry globally is less than 5% of the total printed and with the pressure on climate change; all brands looking for answers need to address the issues of waste generated by the current supply chain model.

FEL is now offering a 10% discount for all learners printing needs.

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