In Their Own Words: Level 3 Fashion Studio Assistant Apprentice Feeds Back on Her Experience

The Level 3 Fashion Studio Assistant Apprenticeship provides an excellent overview in both the product and commercial sides of a brand. This is a busy, challenging and varied apprenticeship that gives a broad education in the day-to-day tasks of running a fashion business, from product development and production to marketing and sales.

Jodie Cortinas has just completed her Fashion Studio Assistant Apprenticeship with Jive After Five and Fashion-Enter Ltd. Here she discusses how the experience was for her:

“I loved my time while studying and learning on the Fashion Studio Assistant Apprenticeship. I’ve gained a wide and in-depth amount of knowledge surrounding many aspects of the fashion industry that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the help and facilities of Fashion-Enter who have been supportive and understanding through the whole experience.

“Visiting and studying in a working fashion environment and seeing the factory machinery, systems and more, has helped me to be able to understand and see different angles of the industry. I also loved the pattern construction sessions and those related to fabric composition, I am already using all the skills I have learnt in my other studies and will continue to in my career. 

“Additionally, having the larger factory company environment in contrast to the small business I worked for I have a wide range of experience and understanding of the sizes and structures of different companies. 

“I want to say thank you to Jenny and everyone at Fashion-Enter for making my experience so enjoyable, always being supportive and helping me progress in my journey.”

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