‘If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me’

We recently hosted a motivation masterclass with Life Coach Eric Gilston at the Fashion Technology Academy, and it was such a success we have set a date for the next one!

Taking place on 19th July Eric will once again inspire and motivate so you you walk away believing you can achieve anything!

Take a look at Maisie’s feedback from the last one –

The seminar began with everyone from staff to students and even subscribers of FashionCapital filling into the room, eager to be inspired by Eric on how to successfully motivate themselves. Being a little sceptical at first, I did wonder how this seminar would inspire me, however, after 10 minutes I was hooked.

Eric started off by asking us why we felt we needed motivation… This question instantly got me thinking ‘actually, why do I need to be motivated?’ and the realisation hit me… Every day you have motivation, pushing you to do all and every task. If you think about it, what motivates you to eat 5-a-day? What motivates you to go to work? Why do you do the things you do?

The two hours flew by as Eric catered for all learning styles as he understands how to engage all his audience. There was a PowerPoint, group work and feedback that supported him whilst he spoke. Everyone in the room was engaged whilst Eric took us through the importance of being motivated, how important it is not to be scared to fail and persisting if you want to succeed. SMART targets were used for goal setting and he gave everyone a chance to set their own goals and share to the group. What are SMART targets? The acronym stands for; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART). Where you should aim to apply each of these aspects to any target.

The next question was interesting which really had the whole room thinking ‘What does it take to succeed?’. As part of the presentation Eric gave us 7 characteristics and asked us to put them in order of which we through would lead us to success these were; contacts, intelligence, money, experience, education, luck and good looks.

After the room has discussed their order and why, we were all refreshed to hear that none of them would help us succeed, but if not, then what?! Eric explained what it takes to succeed is passion, self-belief, persistence and learning from your failures! We must motivate ourselves to work on our passion, following specific, measurable, achievable goals to focus and motivate ourselves to succeed.

Our passion is our purpose and Eric’s passion is coaching people to help them resolve any issues they are facing, motivating people to move forward for a happy and positive life!

At the beginning of the seminar, Eric quoted “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” and this quote hasn’t left my mind since. We all must believe in our own power to succeed.

How to Motivate yourself to Success will take place on 19th July at the Fashion Technology Academy. To book your place email education@fashion-enter.com