IAG Needs to Embrace Next Steps

The Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) is unique within the UK and Europe. It is the only independent training provider that uses the backdrop of an ethical factory that has a leading status in the Fast Forward audit, is SMETA audited, Reach and Higgs compliant. The FTA has multi sites for its delivery of skills for garment making which includes patterns, stitching, cutting, laying, machine maintenance and all other vocational areas of garment making such as pressing.
The most popular courses are stitching and patterns however, with Level 1 and 2 courses available in both areas. The FTA has long recognised that learning vocational skills is so important for any designer, garment tech or buyer but more recently the courses have become increasingly popular with Gen Z and Alpha who are buying clothes and then using their skills to ensure their secondhand clothes fit perfectly – some are making businesses buying and selling garments and making repairs.
As part of the FTA’s commitment to industry-ready learning a Next Steps IAG (information, advice and guidance) session is created by senior staff to ensure that the learner is on their chosen path and to also establish if the FTA can help and support further with their sister company FashionCapital.co.uk
On 10.10.23 Jenny Holloway CEO held a Next Steps IAG class and engaged with learners to discuss ways forward.
Topics included:
  • what fashion/vocational courses are available
  • work placements and internships
  • what’s next in fashion; 5.0, AI, digital twined with physical
  • New software packages – Style3D
  • New technologies – Kornit
  • New hardware – Zund
  • How to start your own brand
  • Free workshops and masterclasses
  • and much, much more
Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd / FTA said: “This was a highly interactive session and there were some excellent questions, comments and observations. I loved all the inspirational comments and the commitment to embed their learning and carry on with the high standards that we have set to date. I think this is one of the best parts of my job – meeting the future talent of tomorrow and knowing that in this current environment so much can be achieved with learners developing their own brands. This is an exciting time for new brands as there is so much AI and digital content that can make brands a reality at a low cost in a short amount of time.”
Feedback from the group included:

“I have learnt a lot, learnt there is a Level 3 I can go on to – that is free. This talk was really good.”

“I’d love to know more about Style3D.”

“I understand how Fashion-Enter can help with doing your own business by guiding you with support and information.”

“I found out about the different opportunities on starting my own brand and other ways to excel in the industry, I am interested in doing the Level 3 next.”

“I heard all about potential jobs, apprenticeships and courses available after this course.”

“This has been an eye opener. This company, and Ms Holloway in particular is inspirational. I have learnt about the range of opportunities we learners have open to us, as part of the industry.”