“I truly enjoyed and learned so much” – Texas State Uni Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

This week, 3rd June, Fashion-Enter Ltd’s HQ in Haringey received a second cohort of individuals all the way from Texas State University. The group attended our insightful Factory Uncovered seminar and tour, led by industry expert, Caroline Ash.

Caroline said: “We had another cohort from Texas State University in today and what a wonderful group they were. They asked loads of interesting questions, there was lots of interaction and they were just really lovely people. We had a great seminar and the feedback really positive.”

Feedback from the group included:

“I truly enjoyed and learned so much from this experience, and have more information to use to promote deconsumption in life and on social media.”

“I have learnt more about what individuals can do to be more sustainable, and about what the future of AI looks like. I absolutely loved this, it was deeply informative, and it’s very clear she understands and loves the material.”

“This was so interesting, thank-you!!”

“Discovering new info on markets and AI was VERY interesting! Thank-you for the tour. You were so sweet and the experience was interesting.”

“The speaker was clear and concise and answered all questions thoughtfully in full. Very much enjoyed the experience.”