How To Sell Your Brand Online With Coventry University Students

On 25th November, International Business Management students from Coventry University attended an online masterclass on ‘How to sell your Brand Online’

The two hour zoom session commenced with CEO Jenny Holloway talking from the Factory in Wales about the realities of running your own business. Jenny explained her background as an entrepreneur and discussed the complete process of bringing a new product to market, the swot analysis and the Boston Matrix.

Following Jenny’s introduction and candid talk as a business owner, Development Director Jenni Sutton delivered a presentation on how to sell online using digital marketing techniques, social media to your advantage and setting up a website.

The talk explained what inbound and outbound marketing is, how to communicate effectively with customers online, how to use both organic and paid methods of advertising, the importance of video content and how to optimise your website and analyse exactly where your audience is coming from.

The students were very engaging and it was a pleasure to answer all of their questions.

Feedback included:

‘Really inspired and felt excited and engaged for the whole two hours – I do struggle sometimes keeping fully engaged in my normal online lectures, so this is impressive!’

‘Really appreciated the time spent, providing students with vast amount of information not provided elsewhere. Truly insightful, thank you.’

‘Experienced and knowledgeable speakers, clearly passionate about their work.’

‘Very Knowledgeable’

We are looking forward to hosting our second masterclass with students from Coventry University in February 2021 on What makes a Manufacturer Ethical?

In this two-hour masterclass Production Director Caroline Ash will discuss what elements make a manufacturer ethical including factory standards and audits, lean manufacturing, fabric and fashion waste, 2D and 3D computer software Optitex and garment fit.

If you would like to book a masterclass for your students please email for further information and costs.