How To Motivate Yourself To Success With Eric Gilston

Life & Business Coach, Eric Gilston, has over 17-years experience helping individuals, from young children from 10 years old right through to CEOs, resolve any issues that they might have and move them forward to reach their true potential.

After the triumph of his first masterclass ‘How to Motivate Yourself to Success’ Eric focuses on ‘memory’ offering advice and top tips on how to improve and maintain good memory skills.

Masterclass Outcomes

·         You will discover how to learn. We have been told WHAT to learn but never HOW to learn.

·         You will then learn how to remember facts. How about going shopping without a list? What about giving a talk without notes? Plus lots more.

·         You will learn how to remember names.  How many times do we hear people say “I’m terrible at remembering names”?

·         You will learn how to remember numbers. How good are you at remembering all your pin numbers? How many phone numbers would you know if you lost your phone?

Thursday 19th July 11am to 1pm at Fashioncapital HQ, The Glassroom, Unit 13/14, Crusader Estate, 167, Hermitage Road, Haringey, London N4 1LZ.

This masterclass costs £40 and you book directly here