How to Be Positive and Motivated Workshop Success

Life and Business Coach Eric Gilston joined the FC Designer Workspace on the 18th October to host a motivational workshop. Eric has worked with Fashion-Enter Ltd for a number of years to support learners, apprentices and staff with advice and tips to achieve and maintain positive mental health. His 2-hour workshops are interactive and fun and the advice he imparts is useful both personally and professionally.

Eric commented: “The great thing about today’s workshop was the very positive interaction from all the participants. I was particularly pleased that one lady came up to me afterwards and said that she was so inspired by my seminar today she now wants to become a life coach herself. Now that’s a recommendation!” 

Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway added: 15 people attended today and we received excellent feedback generally as you can see by the forms (feedback added below). Eric has a life time of experience as a tutor and life coach and he is the most genuine person; he really wants to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The engagement was excellent from the group too and it’s just great to see smiling faces.” 

Attendees included learners and studio residents at the FC Designer Workspace, they said:

“I truly enjoyed this workshop and felt like everyone needed this time to listen and learn positive strategies to help us all become better humans! I am also inspired to become a coach and help others.”

“I am grateful for this seminar, it’s a reminder to take control of my life – it’s up to me and take success into my own hands.”

“This was uplifting and left me feeling really positive and reminded me of the power of positivity.”

“I learned about anchoring and additional way to improve my mental attitude.”

“I have learnt the importance of visualisations and affirmations.”

A big thank-you to Eric for hosting this workshop, it is so valuable to provide these motivational sessions, we look forward to seeing Eric again in the New Year.