How Sage Can Help Your Business!

Let’s talk finances! While they may not be on top of most fashion designers lists they are incredibly crucial to get to grips with from the very beginning. We have unfortunately seen many designers over the years that have won rave reviews from the critics only to crash and burn due to poorly managed finances. We don’t want our members to make that same mistake. That’s why we have joined forces with Sage, their software and accounting services ensures time saving clarity that is convenient, fast and responsive.

In the evening of the 28th September we will be hosting our Quarterly Fashion Meet Up at the Fashion Enter Factory in North London where a representative from Sage will be on hand to explain how Sage can help you and your business…

What is Sage One?

Sage One is the essential cloud accounting and payroll solution that empowers entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses globally. Take control of your business whenever, wherever with easy to use mobile and web apps.

Built on Sage’s cloud accounting platform with bank-level security. Sage One requires no installation, has lower startups costs and is usable form any internet connected device.


Feeling the pain?

Sage One helps solve these business problems, and a lot more.

Too much time spent entering data by hand and reconciliations

Lost information and mistakes due to your current pen, paper, and spread sheet process

Uncertainty about financial status – e.g. “What’s my projected cash flow in 3 months?”

Anxiety about accuracy, compliance, and potential

Constant distraction from nurturing your passion and customer relationships


Benefits for your business

Simplify your day, your month, and your year. Get started fast with Sage One’s intuitive interface. Speed up your daily to-do’s, understand weekly performance, and make month- and year-end processes drop-dead simple.

Always be compliant and accurate

Run your business professionally. Understand money in the bank and your financial position

Stay secure and grow with Sage.

No need to remember to back up and secure data—we’ve got your back.

Want to find out more and register for this Quarterly Fashion Meet Up event please contact: Jenni Sutton