Hiring An Apprentice Is Easier Than You Think!

Fashion Enter is the leading training provider for the Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship programme, specialising in garment technology, stitching and patterns. We can support you throughout the complete process.

Five reasons to hire an apprentice:

1. Succession planning for your technical department! Apprentices learn on the job. We are a SMETA and Fast Forward accredited factory. Your apprentice will learn real technical skills from us

2. Make hiring simpler and cheaper – High-quality training providers, such as Fashion Enter help you with the entire process: recruiting an apprentice, customising a training programme, accessing funding, and much, much more

3. Develop new recruits to meet your needs – 82% of employers take on apprentices to build the skills capacity within their businesses.

4. Flexibility for existing employees – Free up your existing workforce so they can do what they do best.

5. Give your team new skills and energy – 96% of apprentice employers say they are beneficial to their business. If you would like support from Fashion

Enter in recruiting the right apprentice for you today please email apprenticeships@fashion-enter.com or call 0208 809 3311