Hear About Fashion Apprenticeships & Supply Chain Technology Via The Black Neon Digital Podcast

Exploring the value that apprenticeship schemes bring to the fashion industry Black Neon Digital spoke with Jenny Holloway CEO, Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy for an insightful podcast.

Apprenticeships are an essential part of maintaining hands-on skills (often passed on from one generation to the next) and providing the fashion industry with the manufacturing capability needed to bring products to life. In today’s digital age we focus a lot on innovation and the future but we must remember without the ability to actually make a beautiful product, there will be no need for captivating marketing, influencer campaigns or digital activations. Innovation can support craftsmanship by creating efficiencies and supply chain transparency so that we can focus on valuable heritage, relationships and human experiences.

Following an insightful and heartwarming tour around Fashion Enter’s factory and apprenticeship workshops, Jenny and Black Neon Digital’s founder, Jodi Muter-Hamilton sat down to discuss:

  • Jenny’s life in fashion and how her resilience has led to building a thriving factory
  • Why apprenticeships are vital to the fashion industry and how they give hope to people, mainly women, on the courses
  • How using Galaxius supply chain technology is not only great for transparency but can also help workers to be paid more
  • How reports such as EAC Fixing Fashion can impact brands and why fast fashion isn’t necessarily bad

    You can listen to the podcast via iTunes, Soundcloud, or in the online audio block on the website.

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    Many thanks to Black Neon Digital