Haringey Women Ahead

On Saturday 13th May FEL Development Coordinator Gee Fletcher attended Haringey Women Ahead. Organised by Haringey Learns the event provided the chance for council to showcase some of the achievements of their Women Into Work programme. The event also provided a range of activities around networking designed by Haringey’s Collaboration and Networking group.

Gee commented: “I went to the Women Ahead event on Saturday because I am personally passionate about the importance of self-development and realising the potential that is inside each and every one of us. 

“This was such a great event because they had a panel of amazing women that spoke about having confidence in yourself and the workplace, they explained all the different ways in which they can support people from all parts of the community and more.

“I had the opportunity to meet some wonderfully creative people that are in our local Haringey borough, and at FEL we pride ourselves on engagement with being a real community focus.  Having recently won the Haringey Learns contract to help support skills in fashion with stitching and pattern I was able to advise lots of people on our free qualifications and I really do hope that they come to visit us and enrol. 

“Lots of companies’ greenwash about so many topics today with CSR but actually FEL does deliver and we do care. That’s why I came back to work at FEL after leaving in May last year.”